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November 19, 2012

Lasershark – Laser Projector Project

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Thanks to David Powell from the Baltimore Hackerspace for sending in some details about the Lasershark which is a  Laser Projector Project. It uses a LPC1343 – 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller to run the show, make sure you watch the video below to see this thing in action!

“This board is intended to be a low cost open-source USB Showcard for folks who want to make their own 1 or 2 analog/ttl laser projector. To use it, you will need to make or obtain:

  • One or two lasers capable of TTL or (ideally) 0-5v analog modulation and power supplies for the lasers
  • Galvos, galvo amplifiers, galvo amplifier heatsinks, and a power supply for these components. For a cheap source of galvos, ebay is a good spot to check. I would suggest getting as high Kpps units as you can afford (at least 20).
  • Computer with usb port.”