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October 31, 2012

50,000 Amp Transformer Short Circuit Test

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If you are thinking that this transformer is quite beefy you would be right. Youtube user Photonvids has designed it to be connected to 220V and it has an open circuit secondary voltage of around 4 volts. This means you can safely touch it with your fingers but I would step back if someone was planning to short it out with a crowbar. I guess that might be a good idea if there was no light in the room and you needed the cherry glow of some hot metal to see with. Next upgrade is the copper buss bar since it gets warm during the testing. In some parts of the country they do drug grow house busts based on the large amount of power the grow lights consume, I wonder what the bust team would say if they broke down the door here? No drugs, just the power supply for a time machine…


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15 Responses to “50,000 Amp Transformer Short Circuit Test”

  1. Steve Says:

    50 KVA on a skinny line cable?

  2. Polytech Says:

    Alan, is this a test of how much of the Ohm’s Law your readers retain from school?

    50,000Amp @ 4V seems to require 909Amp @220V – where do people get electrical services like that?

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Polytech,

    It’s sure lots of juice. Good old Ohms law can help calculate your power bill for the fun also! 🙂 Four volts was his open circuit voltage, it is much less under load. I can’t remember the number he gave in the video though.

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    LOL, this one is great also!

  5. mark krawczuk Says:

    ha ha ,its a joke , 50 , 000 amp ? yeah, sure , right ok….

    household wiring 220 volt can only supply a max of 15 amp…

    just another internet crap story.

  6. Berni Says:

    Obliviously its not 50kA at 4V, the voltage drops drastically under such a load because of the leakage inductances of the transformer and the resistance of the primary.

  7. MrMaigo Says:

    That’s a little scary

  8. hijinks at 50,000 amps - Hack a Day Says:

    […] HackedGadgets] Share […]

  9. lastchancename Says:

    Because of the low parallel voltages and high currents involved, he may be able to get a reading by clamping around ONE of the three coils – then multiply by three. If the coils were showing much difference in R – there would be a lot more light and smoke, so this sounds like an idea to me.
    Then he could add a single low current ‘monitoring coil’… scale that against the known output current – and drive a meter!

  10. mark krawczuk Says:

    ha , what a wanker , unless he`s got a direct connection to the grid, maybe, but its just another wanky internet fake newbie story.
    the most you get from house hold 220 v wiring is 15 amps.. the guys a flogger.

  11. Polytech Says:

    Hold thy horses, Mark! There’s a step-down transformer involved!

  12. mark krawczuk Says:

    still doesnt matter ….. theres no way you get 50 thousand amps from a 4 v supply, especially when its comin from a 220 v source which can only supply a max of 15 amp.


  13. LOL Says:

    If you have seen his other videos he has 240V 80 Amps to play with, even i have 220v 25 amp source… btw 4 volts drop to something like 0.5 v under short circuit conditions. believe me, he knows what hes doing 🙂

  14. mark krawczuk Says:

    bullcrap, he aint got no idea, instead of calculating the current dram, let him put a authorized meter on it to show how much it does draw…….

    huh, thought not…

  15. James Says:

    I know this is 4 years old now, but he does have a direct connection to the grid

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