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October 14, 2012

Invisible Bike Helmet

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 If you are a bike rider and hate wearing a helmet this Invisible Bike Helmet might be for you. I am not sure how sensitive it is, I am hoping a strong pat on the back doesn’t activate the sensor. 🙂

“Hövding is a bicycle helmet unlike any other currently on the market. It’s ergonomic, it’s practical, it complies with all the safety requirements, and it’s also subtle and blends in with what else you are wearing.

Hövding is a collar for bicyclists, worn around the neck. The collar contains a folded up airbag that you’ll only see if you happen to have an accident. The airbag is shaped like a hood, surrounding and protecting the bicyclist’s head. The trigger mechanism is controlled by sensors which pick up the abnormal movements of a bicyclist in an accident.”




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5 Responses to “Invisible Bike Helmet”

  1. Mark Trunnell Says:

    If the problem is that bike helmets are bulky and look bad, this is a big step in the wrong direction. Additionally, one of the safety features of a helmet is that it has a hard surface that slides helping reduce neck injuries as well as head injuries, this will not help with neck injuries at all.

  2. Tony Says:

    @Mark, you realise this is for bicycles, not motorbikes?

    You can get motorcycle jacket airbags, they inflate around the neck to stop twisting. Bicycle helmets don’t come down that far, and don’t weigh much anyway. Skater helmets are better, they protect the sides of your head a a bit more.

    I wonder if the inventors read ‘SnowCrash’.

  3. Ed Wolvin Says:

    Nice concept ! However as having been in several bike accidents myself. I find it hard to believe that these would open up fast enough to save someones life.Real world accidents vs testing. I would need to see the stats before doing any investing let alone letting my children wear these ?

  4. Jenny Tull Says:

    Charles Darwin gives this invention two thumbs up!

  5. David Croft Says:

    £380 though (about USD $600). Yes I want one but that is a lot of money when a helmets start at 1/40th of the cost.

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