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October 13, 2012

LEDMorpher – Rotating LED Light Show

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Thanks to Matt White for sending in a project that they are working on and could be ready to sell very soon called the LEDMorpher. You might remember the Spinning RGB Ball project that we featured a few years ago which is similar to this project. They are fundraising to raise the $79,000 they need to put it into production. Looks like a fun unit to sit on your desk and stare at for hours, I am thinking it would be similar to staring at a camp fire where you just get sucked in watching the changing patterns. The LEDMorpher will come with a remote control and will also be controllable with your smartphone so you can control the effects, or you can simply set it to dance to the music playing in the background.




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2 Responses to “LEDMorpher – Rotating LED Light Show”

  1. RomanticGirl125 Says:

    So, it is a take-on on forssa’s work or pretty much the same now for sale? If I’d be angry, I’d shout stealing even.

  2. Polytech Says:

    “it is a take-on on forssa‚Äôs work”

    Unless you are referring to a particular patented technology used in a very clearly infringing way, I would not call creating a similar project, even a commercial one, stealing (even then it’s legally not stealing but I don’t want to open that can of worms). After all, I’ve seen LED spinning balls in toy stores for more 10 years now – so what? Well, OK, not multi-axis ones of course, but still: it’s not the concept of rotating a fast-modulated light source that makes it so wonderful, it’s the particular algos that create patterns and sync them with the music (I could not clearly see that part tho ). All the principals of making a POV display like that are very well known for a long time. It’s getting off the couch and building it that matters.

    Anyhow, unless you’re discovering a new particle or something, no matter what you do, you’ll always be standing on the shoulders of giants, like Ben used to say. I would celebrate a fact of someone taking a DIY project and making it go one step further.

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