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October 4, 2012

Convert your Mirrorless Camera into a Large Format Camera

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Hank Dietz who is a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Kentucky has built this Adapter that allows your Mirrorless Camera to be used n a Large Format Camera. This gives you more features such as tilt and shift to allow you to take pictures that would not be possible in the small frame of the original camera.

“Well, first off, the unit described in this instructable costs more like $10 to build. No, the digital camera can’t slide for panoramas — but that’s ok, because most large format cameras allow the lens and/or the entire back to do that, giving exactly the same functionality! In fact, the lens can shift in both the horizontal and vertical directions, giving better functionality. However, the primary motivation is more subtle and more important: the mounts of necessity force a DSLR to be quite far behind the original film plane, making it impossible to reach infinity focus. The shorter flange distance on mirrorless cameras, combined with the lack of front-facing protrusions, allows them to come much closer to aligning with the intended film plane of the large format camera… so infinity focus is much more likely to be feasible and lens tilt and shift features are less likely to be impeded by mechanical obstructions.”



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One Response to “Convert your Mirrorless Camera into a Large Format Camera”

  1. skm Says:

    Even wide-angle view camera lenses are very “telephoto” for a digital camera.

    Gives you tilt and shift(and a lot of it too!), but you have to be able to live with the telephoto aspect.

    You mentioned panoramas–they would take a lot of shots to get a big one.

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