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September 21, 2012

Ruler Tattoo

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Having a ruler on hand is a handy thing. I can’t think of the number of times I was in the home store and wish I had a tape measure on me. I do know that from the tip of my index finger to my knuckle is about 4 inches but it is hard to measure anything with any type of accuracy. This is where having something permaent with graduation marks on it would be handy. I would be thinking more along the lines of a thin ruler in my wallet or something but Greg Flanagan who is the director of operations at The Mill took it a step further. He got a ruler tattooed to his forearm so that measuring something is no longer a challenge no matter what you have in your pockets.


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10 Responses to “Ruler Tattoo”

  1. signal7 Says:

    Interesting. Whenever I was in a home store and needed to measure something, I just went to the tool department and grabbed a measuring device from there. In most cases, I ended up buying the tape measure also so that I would have one in my car for the next time I needed one.

  2. Farle Says:

    And when Greg got older, everyone got slightly more than they asked for.

  3. Daveyk Says:

    @signal7 – But what do you do with the 8 tape measures you now have in the glove box of the car?

  4. ACG Says:

    The abbreviations of the 50 states would be more useful.

  5. signal7 Says:

    @Daveyk: I take it into the store with me next time I need it. No one has ever questioned me on whether or not I bought it or just grabbed it from the tool area. Point is, in a home improvement store, you have other options beside a tattoo, so it’s not really a good example.

    For me, tape measures are like flashlights: it’s very convenient to have one in every car plus at least three more for the house.

  6. Lux Limo Says:

    Wow! Now thats a tattoo – I guess no one can say it has no use – 🙂

  7. vic Says:

    I’m waiting for someone to invent a way to tattoo e-book “ink” and some means to change it at will 🙂

  8. Graeme Says:

    @Daveyk: Don’t be silly. Everyone knows that tape measures, like Stanley knives/box cutters and socks spontaneously transform into something else the instant you need them. You may have a dozen tape measures in your glove box of your car. After all, you see them every time you open it to remind yourself of the pressure to pump your tyres to. When you actually *need* one and open the glove box, all you will find is the pile of parking receipts and chocolate wrappers they have transformed into the instant they detected your requirement.

  9. Daveyk Says:

    @graeme: OK I get it…. so the tape measures turn into pencils when I’m looking for the tape measure. When I need a pencil, they turn into a tyre gauge. Thanks for clearing that one up 😀

  10. Luigi Fulk Says:

    Thanks compared to that!

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