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September 14, 2012

Speaker Manufacturing Tour

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Check out this cool tour through a speaker manufacturing plant. I am quite surprised to see how much manual labor is involved and how much wasted movement of parts and pieces goes on. With some thought behind the production line I think the process could be greatly simplified. Although with a high end, high price product I guess you don’t need to be as fast and efficient as other products. At 8:05 you can see an interesting way of holding a pencil soldering iron. I guess for speed this is the way to go.


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6 Responses to “Speaker Manufacturing Tour”

  1. Eric Says:

    Look at that computer with the awesome 5 1/4″ Floppy drive!

  2. Jim in Oregon Says:

    having worked in Manufacturing for 25 years I can say, that efficiency isn’t everything. The most efficient method, doesn’t use humans at all. The least efficient, is hand crafted, in a pleasant setting, where you enjoy what you’re doing. Most manufacturing jobs aren’t very satisfying, and they use up more resources to create more junk for the landfill. I’d rather work slow, in a quiet studio with nature around me.

  3. Klam Says:

    Where I work we buy a lot of Community Speakers for installations. They are one of the few companies that make hand-made fiberglass cabinets for outdoor speakers. Talk about a long lead-time.

  4. sp00nix Says:

    Oh neat, I’m a couple miles from this place.

  5. ACG Says:

    Great, more loud noise from idiots in their 30’s+ driving butt ugly cars having no respect for others peace of mind.
    Booooom boooooooom boooooom when the brains washed idiots.

  6. Eric Says:

    Those aren’t even mobile speaker enclosures. You should think before you speak. What part of “These are loudspeakers that are used for professional public address applications” did you not hear?

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