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September 12, 2012

Cocktail Making Machine based on the Arduino

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from Make shared this cool Cocktail Making Machine that is based on the Arduino. Enjoying a great drink is one thing but watching it being made by this machine would be just as fun. The Inebriator isn’t open source as mentioned by John but I don’t think everything needs to be. It is nice when something is since everyone can see how it was done and learn from it but this machine is more concept than anything. I think there is room for cool projects that are closed since it might a business concept that the developer would like to pursue in the future. Releasing the code might not be the direction the developer would like. If someone would like to make something similar, watching the video demonstrates 90% of what you need, the rest is just the fun of implementation.

As far as business ideas go I can see this being mounted behind glass in a club. The customer could pay for a fancy drink and watch it being made right away. You might be able to sell more drinks by having stats on most popular drinks, drink specials or suggestions. I guess there is already something similar being offered to clubs and bars, it isn’t as cool to watch but it gets the job done.

Via: Make




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