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September 8, 2012

Crazy Welding Techniques

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Friction Welding



Friction Welding is an exotic type of welding that needs some large precision machines to handle the forces involved in performing the process. One piece of metal is spun and then forced into a secondary piece of metal. This causes intense heat and fuses the two metals together.



Thermite Welding



Thermite Welding is when you harness the insane heat generated by burning thermite to weld two pieces of metal together. The above video shows it in use to weld two sections of train track together.



Explosion Welding



Explosion Welding is the most insane welding process I have ever seen. A large explosion generate a downward force that causes a metal sandwich to permanently fuse together. There is significant work that is needed to straighten the metal flat again after the explosion but if you have a 3 million pound press that should not be a problem.


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5 Responses to “Crazy Welding Techniques”

  1. aburton Says:

    I don’t have a video on my link, but NASA uses friction stir welding for the space shuttle… Pretty Intense.

  2. Mure Says:

    great videos, very cool ūüôā

  3. Soldadura extrema - Tecnología Obsoleta Says:

    […] llega de Hacked Gadgets Forum esta colecci√≥n de tres v√≠deos que muestra varias t√©cnicas de soldadura que no son muy comunes. […]

  4. Erik Says:

    Really cool stuff here! The explosion welding is the bomb!

    Mythbusters also used dynamite to create diamonds, which I thought was really cool. Youtube has the video.

  5. Thermite Gun – Pro Says:

    […] We have seen some interesting uses for thermite before but¬†colinfurze¬†has taken thermite fun to the next level with his¬†Thermite Gun build. You […]

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