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August 28, 2012

Upgrade your Computer Parallel Port to USB

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Who said you need to upgrade your motherboard to get USB? Just buy this $100 adapter and magically upgrade your parallel port to USB. I wonder if it has drivers for the Windows 95 you have on the computer though. I guess another option would be to just purchase a used computer that has USB and 10 times the computing power for about half the price of the adapter. I wonder how many dozens of these they have sold…

Thanks to Dave96z34 for sending in this crazy find.


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7 Responses to “Upgrade your Computer Parallel Port to USB”

  1. Michael Skrepsky Says:

    They say that you can only print with that adapter.
    Better way would be ISA-PCMCIA card and PCMCIA-USB card.
    Or try to bitbang it out of custom ISA card – if atmega can do that then 486 can do it too.

  2. TirsoJRP Says:

    It is just for printers and it could be very handy. With this adapter old equipment (lab, industrial, etc…) with a parallel port can now use modern cheap printers.

  3. aa Says:

    This is only a parallel to USB for printing.. nothing else..

  4. AnthonyA Says:

    Don’t know of many ‘consumers’, who’ll need one of these, but I could see it being useful in an industrial setting. There’s a lot of control computers of various sorts that are running software for production lines and the like that runs in DOS or early versions of Windows. An upgrade or replacement of a PLC or similar controller might well have only a USB port where there was a parallel connection before. It could be well worth it, to the right customer.

  5. Paul Says:

    The serial port to USB on the same page is only $21.49 and you can use it for more than printing.

  6. Dave96z34 Says:

    I need it actually. Are race rack timing systems printer is rs232 proticall. The receipt printer I want to use is usb so this could be a solution for me. Question is an this item be made made easily?

  7. Warranty Voider Says:

    I ended up making something like this a few years ago for our “legacy” accounting computer (in a different facility) running DOS when my boss bought a dot-matrix printer without noticing that it was USB, or so he thought. It turned out to be USB-capable, but had the standard Centronics parallel port as well, making it a waste of my time and company funds because he didn’t know what he was buying.
    I can’t wait for him to retire and sell the business to me so I can upgrade everything to something that makes it easier and more efficient to use.

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