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August 18, 2012

MSP430 Launchpad controlling Window Blinds

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Rambo build a great way to automatically control his window blinds using a MSP430 Launchpad. It doesn’t do much more than just spin the rod in one direction or the other fully when the buttons are pressed but that is just the beginning. It would now be trivial to add things like light sensors that allow the blinds to close when the light level is too high or open when it is getting dark in the room and it is still bright outside.


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One Response to “MSP430 Launchpad controlling Window Blinds”

  1. Rambo Says:

    Wow! Thanks for the feature!! been reading this blog for a while, so cool to come on and check some of my stuff 😀 😀

    anyways; thought I’d just add the reason it doesn’t do much is that this micro is really REALLY low end, i.e. 0.5kb of program memory… so I was challenging myself to get the servo and button code as small as possible.. could prob do a little better, but as it is, JUST fits in the memory 😀
    I’ve since moved to an apartment with no blinds, so when I get to fitting them I’ll add some more advanced control.. (otherwise I’ll just automate the curtains xD)


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