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July 22, 2012

Red Bull Creation Teams to be Voted on Soon

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So you probably remember that RedBull is putting on a sweet contest. The hard work is over and now you get to vote on it soon.


  • i3 Detroit (Detroit, MI):  Winners from last year’s competition, i3 returns as a collective of hackers, makers, technologists, and automotive engineers that use fabrication equipment like metal lathes and laser cutters to create epic projects like a 16-ft tall, fire-breathing statue made of duct tape, and last year’s qualifier favorite “The Chronotune”.
  • 1.21 Jigawatts (Minneapolis, MN): Another winner from last year, 1.21 Jigawatts is a team of engineers, artists, and bike builders.  They were able to parlay their experience at Red Bull Creation in 2011 into a enterprise that manufactures an innovative DIY bicycle-building jig called “the Jiggernaut” http://kck.st/ymLlxW
  • Tech Shop (San Francisco, CA): Voted the favorite in 2011 by their fellow builders, Tech Shop is a member-based workshop founded on a dreamland of tools and machines, inspiring collaboration from a variety of fields. This team is an experiment gone right, when it comes to building community and inspiring collaboration from different fields.
  • 23b Shop (Fullerton, CA): Last year’s People’s Choice winner, 23b Shop is a loose collection of friends that started building in a garage and graduated to a serious workshop for electronics, robots, and security research.
  • North St. Labs (Portsmouth, VA): A self-titled “weird bunch,” North St. Labs started creating record-breaking car stereos and taser gloves back in high school just for fun. They self fund all of their projects, pick through trash, and rip apart old junk to acquire parts they need.
  • Team Instructables (San Francisco, CA): Team Instructables is an elite team of inventors, innovators, and “no-good troublemakers” that runs the project-sharing website www.instructables.com.
  • Maker Twins (Scottsdale, AZ): Lead by designers and identical twins Mike and Pat Murray, their team builds “big things” for Fortune 500 companies. One of the first groups to be nominated for an Emmy in the area of “New Media”.
  • MB Labs (Chicago, IL): MB Labs is a collaborative, multidisciplinary group of artists who build kinetic objects and devices, along with custom software and hardware.
  • Designated Drinkers (Charlotte, NC): Designated Drinkers is a highly diverse team comprised of engineers and industrial designers, whose specialties range from NASCAR to biomedical equipment.
  • Innovation Thirst (Greenville, TX): This hometown team of mechanical and electrical engineers, designers, builders, programmers and nerdists, are also some of the nation’s most certifiably skilled competitive roboticists. In a nutshell, they like to build robots, drink beer, and build robots while drinking beer.  As their qualifier, the team debuted The Cool Master,  powered with a combination of the Bullduino and the VEX Cortex, a beer cooler that will cross almost any terrain to deliver a freshly opened frosty brew. Cheers!
  • Hack A Day (Springfield, MO): For years, Hack A Day has promoted hacking in any way possible. It’s popular hackaday.com website gets over 600,000 Unique Visitors Per Month.
  • L14E Maker Space (Odessa, FL): The L14E Makerspace Project Team is a diverse group of artists, writers, hackers, makers, and curiosity-driven creators who collaborate to tinker on the daily! Their efforts are a part of the nonprofit organization Learning is for Everyone (L14E), which supports the Curiosity Driven Life.”

Ultrasonic Dog and Cat Deterrent Project

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If you have been listening to security now with Steve Gibson for a few years you probably heard about the portable dog killer (listen from 57:46). Not sure if  Matt Meerian has listened to this Security Now episode but the Ultrasonic Dog and Cat Deterrent Project he sent in sure sounds similar to that project. Matt built this project to use on a bike to ward off dogs and cars from getting in the path of the bike. As most of us know not all projects are successful (watch the video for some fun results).

“For the main MCU, I used an Atmel ATmega644.  I needed an MCU with three timers for the different frequency outputs.  Besides, I already had the MCU.   (the board in the picture above uses and ATMEGA32)  When a dog is heard getting close, the rider flips a toggle switch under the seat on.  The emitters then start doing their thing and hopefully drive the dog away.  I put a human audible piezo emitter next to the toggle switch to let me know it is working.  (this is much better than an LED, I would have to look at the LED, which would take my eyes off of the road and the dog)”

July 21, 2012

CD Wheels for RC Truck

at 8:39 am. Filed under Funny Hacks, Toy Hacks


Next time you are looking for something to bling up your RC vehicle why not look around the house. took some CDs and attached them to his RC truck with some interesting results. I think all he needs to do next is add some of the 80mm CDs as some spinners. 🙂


July 20, 2012

UV Exposure Box Timer

at 8:19 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


This UV Exposure Box Timer project is a project that Charalampos Andrianakis built when he needed a timer for his UV Exposure Box. The project consists of a few push buttons, a few 7 segment digits and a relay. Best of all it is all controlled using a microcontroller which means that it can be custom programmed to do almost anything. Since there is a board created I can see how this simply yet flexible design will find its way into may future applications.

Via: Electronics Lab

July 19, 2012

Full Wave Ionizer Project

at 2:46 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


If you are looking for a high voltage project to sink you teeth into have a look at this Full Wave Ionizer Project that petercd just built. These units can freshen and clean the air in your home. You can find them at most home stores but are usually quite expensive. 

Materials required for full-wave version:

  • 2 x 10meg ohm resistors. (limit output current for safety)
  • 40 x diode 1N4007.
  • 30 x capacitor 100nF 275V class x2 suppression.
  • 1 length 350mm ega tube trunking.
  • 2 ega tube end caps for trunking.
  • 4 x self tappers for end caps.
  • low amperage hookup wire, ATX power supply type wire is fine.
  • 1metre 3 core 220v ac lead.
  • standard pins (or carbonfibre) for high voltage grid.”

July 17, 2012

Horizontal Stabilization Camera System

at 5:57 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Electronic Hacks


Check out the video above it demonstrates what a Horizontal Stabilization Camera System can do. You can see the build details over at Instructables. A camera mounted 8 feet behind the car sure gives you a cool perspective.  This rig is being controlled by a huge servo and the actual arm that has the camera mounted to is has a large counterweight on it to balance it out. Not sure if this is what we see recording the chase scenes in our favorite action movies but the effect looks similar to me.

July 15, 2012

Quadcopter made to look like a Formula1 Race Car

at 7:24 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Electronic Hacks, Toy Hacks



Most of the quadcopters we see look almost the same, you need to look at the specs to see what is different about them. Jose Julio sent in his Quadcopter that was made to look like a Formula1 Race Car, now there isn’t any mistaking it for another! The body looks great yet the construction seems to be nice and simple, Jose took some red coroplast plastic and cut it into the basic side shape of the racing car. When adorned with some stickers it resembles the real thing quite well.


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