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July 25, 2012

DIY Voice Activated Video Recording Project

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If you have a camcorder you have probably had a case where you needed to start recording but weren’t near the record button. Ragtop from the Parallax Forum built a DIY Voice Activated Video Recording Project that monitors the room noise using a small microphone. When the room sound level is high enough the system sends out an IR code using an IR (infrared LED) that simulates the record button of the remote control for his camcorder. Only issue is that the record button is both the record and stop recording function and since IR is line of sight is something gets in the way of an IR transmission the system could get out of sync. I wonder if there is a hidden code that allows for record and stop functions instead of a single record/pause signal. I remember when programming some components into my Harmony remote some equipment had a bunch of remote functions that were not accessible with the remote that came with the device such as turn on and turn off, the remote only had a single power button.



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