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July 13, 2012

Electronic Cat Trainer Project that keeps your Cat off your Tables

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If you are like us you have a cat that roams the house and pushes the boundaries. When our current cat came home for the first time he was often seen sleeping in the middle of the table, chasing him off the tables for a week or so did the trick and now he knows that the tables are off limits. Very occasionally he still sneaks up on a table but jumps off as soon as he hears someone coming. If you would like to automate the training process this Electronic Cat Trainer Project from ijprojects is a great idea. A PICAXE controller was used to monitor an infrared range finder and chirp a piezo buzzer as soon as it detects something. If you don’t want go through the trouble of using a microcontroller I am thinking that a cheap motion sensor that drives a buzzer directly might work just as well.

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