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July 10, 2012

BX4 Steadicam and on Segway

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So you thought that your camera gear was kick ass? Have a look at the rig that Pedro Guimaraes has put together. If a 3D RED camera system wasn’t enough he has linked in his steadicam onto a Segway so that he can drive around by simply leaning and effortlessly swing around the huge monstrosity of a camera to capture the optimal smooth shot. I can’t wait to see some DIY versions of this concept done with more modest cameras on a shoestring budget instead of the overblown budget this rig needed.




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2 Responses to “BX4 Steadicam and on Segway”

  1. cromag Says:

    on a DIY sized budget this would seem expensive, but the RED cameras are game changers. Compare the cost to buy a RED camera vs the rental fee on anything from Panavision.
    its all relative.

  2. cromag Says:

    Although something like a pair of Canon 5D mounted to a home made balance bot with a telepresence rig incorporating 3d glasses would be awesome and incredibly doable

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