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July 9, 2012

C64 Bass Guitar

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Jeri shares some interesting build details of the C64 Bass Guitar. The brains of the system is a Spartan FPGA, I was surprized to see that the pickups were made using round disk piezo elements that were cut into rectangles. I didn’t think that a piezo element would work properly if it were cut like that. I guess they are much more robust that I had thought! If you think the sound reminds you of the original C-64 sound you are correct, the sound chip used in the project is the famous SID 6581 that was used in the C-64.

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One Response to “C64 Bass Guitar”

  1. ernie Says:

    you make it look you did it all on a rainy sunday afternoon…
    GREAT and I love it! Still got my C64 original somewhere in a removal box next to my old Sinclair QL for old times sake.

    Like to see you really play it in a band, all my compliments!

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