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July 6, 2012

Washing Machine Cycle End Signal Project

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Ever forget a load of clothes in the washing machine? Most washing machines have a setting that buzzes loudly when the cycle is done but what if your model doesn’t have that feature? Our friend Viktor had that exact problem so he built a simple electronic Washing Machine Cycle End Signal Project as the solution. He didn’t want to hack the actual machine to include this functionality since it was still under warranty, this actually makes his little circuit much more versatile. It is simply placed on the washing machine and uses an accelerometer to sense the machine vibrating as it is working, after an extended period of no movement it signals that the load is complete by sounding a buzzer. The main parts of the battery operated project is a¬†Freescale MMA7361 3-axis accelerometer and a Microchip’s PIC12F683 microcontroller. The source code is available from Viktor upon request so you can build your very own.



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One Response to “Washing Machine Cycle End Signal Project”

  1. Alert Electrical Says:

    Super useful little gadget! I might make one of these – mind you, it’ll need taping down, my washing machine jumps all over the place when it’s on and everything on top just falls off

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