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July 4, 2012

Harford Hackerspace Telepresence Zen Garden using a Bullduino

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The guys over at the Harford Hackerspace made this great Telepresence Zen Garden using a Bullduino. The machine is very creative but the video of the project is equally as creative! The project was made with the help of laser cut parts, 3D printed parts and a bunch of common off the shelf parts. This is a great example of a build that would have been very difficult to perform not that long ago. If you ever visit the this hackerspace make a mental note not to wear the Mexican hat that was used to sift the sand used in this project. 🙂

“The Bullduino is connected to a rail of power mosfets to control turning on and off 8 banks of Red and Blue LEDs. It is also connected to 2 stepper motor drivers, 2 servos, and 4 limit switches. One of the servos is responsible for raising and lowering the drawing pen. The other is responsible for raising and lowering the eraser bar.”




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