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June 22, 2012

CircuitLab on the iPad – Circuit Design on the go

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When you have a circuit idea in your head you used to reach for a napkin and a pen. More recently you probably launched a browser on whatever computer is closest but what if you could simply grab an iPad. Well that day has come. Now you can design your next circuit design on your iPad which is probably closer to you than your computer. It might not be ideal for large designs since a mouse and keyboard looks to be more efficient for speedy designs but that is a small price to pay for the convenience.

Try CircuitLab Here.

“The CircuitLab web-app is now supported on the iPad! All of the CircuitLab schematic capture and simulation functionality is available on the supported mobile browsers. While we don’t expect most folks to want to design complex circuits on an iPad, we do think CircuitLab on touch-based tablets can be a great addition to a student reviewing or taking notes, editing and testing out a circuit someone else sent you, or sketching out a quick idea when inspiration strikes.”