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June 14, 2012

12 mm Diamagnetic Levitation

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Mr Floater, a maker from Germany sent in this diamagnetic levitation project. He was able to achieved a levitation gap of 12 mm. Have a look at the video above! Mr. Floater is selling the creation (not sure how much) but you can contact him through his Youtube account if you are interested in purchasing or building one of these.

“This is a levitation setup completely based on diamagnetic levitation. This kind of levitation setup needs no electronic circuit with feedback loop and sensors, and no superconductors. It is inherently stable as long as the NdFeB magnets are holding their magnetization – which they would do for a very, very long time or nearly forever. So, the astonishing is that for this free levitation no energy input is needed. I know, especially with this levitation height of 12mm, the whole thing may be counter-intuitive and people will say it is fake. But it is possible with the right combination of permanent magnets and pyrolytic graphite.”


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2 Responses to “12 mm Diamagnetic Levitation”

  1. Tim Carr Says:

    Sorry, I don’t understand what the impressive part is. Is it particularly difficult to achieve this result? Has no-one achieved it before?

    <- Genuinely doesn't know.

  2. Chris Says:

    Well it’s diamagnetic, which is where the material actively opposes a magnetic field. So it would ideal for making things hover, without having to always stabilise it. Diamagnetism is notoriously very weak, so often you need very strong permanent magnets and a very light diamagnet. I’m guessing that 12mm is the result of an impressive combination of those factors.

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