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June 8, 2012

Eyejusters – Self Adjusting Eye Glasses

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I have seen used eye glasses donation stations here and there but what are the chances that my prescription will match up exactly to what someone in a third world without having 500 people try them on. These Eyejusters are Self Adjusting Eye Glasses so they solve that problem by making one size fit all. Well not exactly, there are actually two types of adjustable lenses that are needed to fit all prescriptions. The one great thing about these lenses is that you never need to change them if your eyes change, just adjust them on the spot! Why wasn’t this invented long ago?

Thanks for the tip Bob.




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3 Responses to “Eyejusters – Self Adjusting Eye Glasses”

  1. Renè Villarreal Gòmez Says:

    Hello I am writing from Bogota Colombia and I am very interested in learning more about the adjustable glasses as I have had many problems to adjust to glasses that serve me accurately. here I would like to know where I get them, how much they cost, if need formulating otrometa. are many my concerns but they really need the …
    thank you for your support. atte.Rene

  2. ronald bakker Says:

    you can order them through this website :
    you do need to be able to do the paymentmethod though
    if you dont have acces to a creditcard you could drop them a mail and explain youre problem
    they have special provisions for people that usually cant affort glasses and might be able to help you in another way

    i’m using these glasses myself as readingglasses and for reading fineprint
    i wouldnt recomend them for vision farther away though

  3. Clare Idle Says:

    Hi. Thanks Ronald. That’s correct – our website is http://www.eyejusters.com and you can buy online and try at home with option of returning for a full refund if they don’t suit you. Or get in touch at info.eyejusters.com if you’d like to find out more or be added to our mailing list. Thanks.

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