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June 7, 2012

DIY Electric Go-Kart Project Build

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 If you are going to be building your own go kart, this DIY Electric Go-Kart Project Build is sure to give you lots of ideas. The design isn’t flashy but looks to be functional and lots of fun to drive. I wonder how many out takes there are where it smashes into some of he walls? Looking through some of the other videos on their Youtube channel shows what is sure to be the inspiration for this project, see the second video below. It is a 2X4 scooter! Not sure if it actually worked with a rider but it looks very Flintstones like. 🙂

“At the core of the electronics is the motor controller. For Eli-Kart I used a Kelly controller, the KBS48121 with the high speed option. The high speed option is expensive but allows for the use of higher speed motors. Sadly this turned out to be a waste for me since my custom motor spins extremely slowly, so I would recommend using a slower motor and saving your money unless you are going for extremely high performance.
I made my own custom battery pack out of A123 26650 cells, combining 12 in series and 3 in parallel for a 39.6V 7.5Ah pack. “





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