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May 29, 2012

Solar Powered Pool Pump

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Lots of people use solar power to supplement things like lighting power but why stop there? has built a solar system on top of his pool pump to allow him to run the pool filter pump all day long for free. He currently has four 120 watt panels running a Hayward Ecostar pump.


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13 Responses to “Solar Powered Pool Pump”

  1. Derek Tombrello Says:

    This is cool, but it would be more efficient if the solar panels were used to recharge a battery bank during the day, and have the pump run off the batteries at night. The voltage would be more consistent and the amount of current needed (therefore the number of panels) would be less.

  2. Terry Russell Says:

    @Derick – Most pool owners don’t run their pumps at night, but you MUST run it when the sun is shining on the pool to reduce chlorine loss. That’s most likely why he’s not storing the energy in batteries. It’s a great application for solar and I’m considering the same thing. Our pool pump currently adds about $110/month to our power bill…

  3. Macka Says:

    I wonder what the payback is on this system.

  4. Iraida Schempp Says:

    Hey there, I am a novice to swimming pools. We purchased a house in wintertime which has a pool area which we found has not been addressed for around 2 years. We have opened the tarp 2 weeks ago then have been treating it. It began with a great deal of algea in the bottom that we cleaned straight out. It’s now soft green, yet it’s not getting much better. I found a company near by, has anyone heard about these folks or endorse any others? Affordable Pool Service & Repair, 2942 N 24th St #114, Phoenix, AZ 85016, (602) 910-2295. Any type of information will be welcomed.

  5. Kenny Says:

    Hi Alan,
    I have a Hayward pump and would like to have the same system.
    How do i calculate the pannels/inverters and….. thing?
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Geoff Says:

    Pool pumps should run during daylight hours, so running at night is less useful. In fact, if the pump can handle fluctuating voltage (and some can), this is fine, because it will run at maximum power when the sun is brightest, which coincides with when algae is most likely to grow.

  7. James Says:

    Very nice! How much was the whole system? Where can I get these items?

  8. Janet Says:

    Wow, I been wanting to do that too, I have a Jacuzzi Brothers pump, similar to what the Hayward is like.
    Where can I get the specs to build one myself? I am tired of using the pool to grow frogs in, it is hot!

  9. Arlene Says:

    Do you have a DIY to help someone do their system? I have an old Shasta diving pool w 25000 gal and want to take my pool off grid and power w pv as u HIV done .. Can u give me more info on how to calculate panels, wiring diagrams, and setup? Great video!

  10. Janet Says:

    You know what? I don’t think anyone is listening….

  11. Macka Says:

    @Janet and Arlene
    Your best bet is to speak to an electrician or a solar installation company. Your system would need to be big enough to reliably power your pump; for example if your pump is 250 watts you would probably need around 275W system. Chances are your pump would run at mains voltage, so unless you’re a licensed electrician, you probably shouldn’t be installing it yourself.

  12. Bruce Klein Says:

    Is there any advantage to installing PV panels for pool pumps specifically, as opposed to the entire home’s electric supply?

    The only I could think of is if there was a way to take the DC power off the panels and use it to directly power a DC filter pump, thus eliminating the need for an inverter and the associated efficiency hit. But it looks like this set up is using a regular AC pump with an inverter anyway?

  13. Scott Says:

    My question is did you have to change your pool pump, to a solar pump in order to do what you have done? I have a electrical sub panel added to pool equipment at rear of property with my a/c added to reduce noise. I had always thought to build a solar panel cover over pool equipment and add 2 gulf cart batteries to system, and use sub panel as back up.Would this be difficult to accomplish?

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