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May 21, 2012

FTA Dish converted to receive KU-band

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Like so many people these days David Prutchi has a space communications array in his back yard. His modification of his FTA dish allows it to be used to receive Ku-band transmissions from geosynchronous FTA satellites as known-Az/El beacons.

“The Fortec Star 120 dish is small enough to be handled by a Yaesu G5500¬†Az/El rotor, yet provides 21.7dB gain in the L-band, and 27.7 dB gain in the S-band.¬† In addition, it provides enough gain for the Ku LNBF that good FTA satellite reception is achieved despite the polarization mismatch that results from Az/El aiming without a dedicated geosynchronous¬†horizon-to-horizon motor.”