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May 14, 2012

Open Hardware High Resolution 3D Printer

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 Here is a great looking Open Hardware High Resolution 3D Printer. I think we will see a lot more 3D printers this year! The more the merrier since I would love one but I currently can’t justify the cost. With this kickstarter you could have one of these for under $2500. You can read more about it on the project site.

Via: Electronics Lab


Build volume varies, depending on resolution.

Resolutions in the x/y plane (horizontal) of 50 to 100 microns are possible by adjustment of the projector’s position and focus.

Resolutions in the z (vertical) build axis from 100 to less than 10 microns are possible via software selection.  Using higher resolutions in the z-axis may result in slower build rates.  We suggest using the same z axis resolution as the x/y plane.

At the 100 micron x/y pixels setting, the build area is 102.4 mm (4.03″) x 76.8 mm (3.02″) x 203.2 mm (8.0″).

At the 50 micron x/y pixels setting, the build area is 51.2 mm (2.02″) x 38.4 mm (1.52″) x 203.2 mm (8.0″).

100 microns = 0.1 mm = 0.00394″

B9Creator will ship with a basic software suite that allows you to import a model stored in standard .stl format. This software will allow you to slice the model and manually position simple supports, if needed. The software will also control the actual print process. The software will be available for current Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
Developers should note that our printer has an open API, anyone interested in writing or modifying their software to work with our printer is welcome to do so! Please contact us to learn more.”




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6 Responses to “Open Hardware High Resolution 3D Printer”

  1. jp Says:

    It does seem a bit expensive you can buy one now for around 300$ but obviously its not as technologically advanced as the one above.

  2. Kris Lee Says:


    No, you can not. Yes, you can buy a 3D-printer (well, a unassembled kit rather) but it would use completelly different technology and would provide order of magnitude lower resolution.

  3. Fuming Solder Says:

    Yet another incredibly successful 3D printer Kickstarter! It looks like they are very popular, pretty much every 3D printing related Kickstarter gets funded 100%+ and B9Creator’s got something like 300%+ already.
    By the way, B9Creator is very much the best engineered and manufactured 3D printer I’ve ever seen on Kickstarter

  4. Fuming Solder Says:

    Just watched the video for the first time: does anyone know the purpose of the horizontal movement of the vat with liquid resin? I thought I understood how the process works – the projector underneath beams the image of one layer, it solidifies the resin and the machine raises the part for the next layer to be projected – but I can’t see the purpose of moving the vat back and forth. Is it just to stir the resin?

  5. ZeroTolerance Says:

    @Fuming Solder: In the first video he states it is to break the bond (so the stage can be raised.)

  6. Fuming Solder Says:

    Thanks, ZT. I watched a wrong video then 🙂 So, it’s to break the bond to the glass bottom of the vat then. I keep forgetting this technique works from the bottom up and the glass is actually on the way…

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