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May 3, 2012

Hacked Chocolate Box has Blinking LEDs controlled by an ATTiny13

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Just in time for Mothers Day. Dress up your box of boring chocolates with some blinking LEDs. This project by Dmitriy Abaimov uses an ATTiny13 programmed using the Arduino IDE to do the interesting blinking. The microcontroller doesn’t have very many pins but with a bit of Charlieplexing this project can control all 10 LED that were desired. 

 “By counting the possible spots for LED locations in the box, I decided I should use 10 LEDs. In the course of construction it turned out that a couple more could be mounted but 10 LEDs was the starting point for this project. ATTiny13 has only 5 I/Os (if we leave the 6th as RESET so we can more conveniently program it) and so Charlieplexing was used for connecting the LEDs.”



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