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April 24, 2012

3 Axis Accelerometer based on the Freescale MMA7361L

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Viktor sent in this great 3 Axis Accelerometer project that he is working on, it is based on the Freescale MMA7361L. He is using a Microchip’s PIC16F887 for the brains of the system. Watch the video to see the board in action.

“The direction-sensing is accomplished by Freescale’s MMA7361L, which is a three axis low-g micromachined accelerometer in a tiny (14 pin LGA) package. The advantage of this chip is that it’s super simple to use: just connect the three directional output pins to an analog-digital converter input of a microcontroller and you’re ready to go. With a few more pins connected straight to some further microcontroller IO pins you can enhance its operation with functions like SLEEP, 0g detection, sensitivity selection, etc. “