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April 20, 2012

Interactive Mirror based on the IOIO Microcontroller

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This Interactive Mirror project by OpenGadgets is based on the IOIO Microcontroller which looks like it is very flexible. A 32X16 pixel matrix display is mounted behind a 2 way mirror, this display is connected to the IOIO microcontroller and talks to the Android phone using bluetooth. With the current implementation you are able to send things such as low resolution pictures and video to the display. There is also a version of magic 8 ball that looks like fun.


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3 Responses to “Interactive Mirror based on the IOIO Microcontroller”

  1. MAKE | Android Controlled Interactive Mirror Prototype Says:

    […] This interactive mirror by Open Gadgets uses a IOIO Microcontroller with a Bluetooth module to communicate with an Android phone. There are a few apps such as a picture viewer, a magic 8-ball, and the phone can even stream video to the mirror. The mirror’s 32 x 16 pixel LED matrix display is mounted behind a pane of two way glass and it’s nicely packaged up and framed. Nice work! [via Hacked Gadgets] […]

  2. Trav Says:

    Without reading the article to see if there was more info, I say it has great potential. I like the hardware, but I think the interfacing with the phone is a little silly when you have the phone with a better display right there. Making the mirror into a clock or any other type of status display would be cool or add buttons to the frame to do the 8-ball stuff without phone in hand.

  3. noura Says:

    hello, i have few questions regarding the design of the mirror because i’m working on a similar project
    please send me an email so i can communicate with you.
    thank you

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