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April 17, 2012

DIY Motorcycle LED Brake Lights

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 If you have ever had a motorcycle you know that being seen by other motorists is always on your mind. Pete Mills recently purchased a motorcycle and installed a custom brake light to combat this issue. His DIY Motorcycle LED Brake Light was inspired by a flashing brake light of an ambulance. His design flashed quickly when it is activated and then goes on solid. There is also a quick way to disable the feature if desired. The method of connecting the circuit to the existing light bulb power is great, if you every need to do this you will want to have a close look at the method Pete used.

“The circuit is basically a large array of really bright red LED’s ( Light Engine ) and an ATTiny85 microcontroller to tell the LED light engine how to behave.  There are also two high brightness LED’s that shine downward onto the license plate. There are two modes of operation to this brake light – flashing and non flashing.  The non flashing brake light is activated by turning the key on while holding the brake and behaves just like a stock brake light would.  Flashing mode is enabled by default so key on with brake off and you are good to go.”