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April 11, 2012

The Ard-Vark – Simple iPhone iPad interfacing to Arduino

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Check out this new project called The Ard-Vark. If you know someone who is interested in getting into microcontrollers but programming is a bit daunting this system might be just the thing for them.

Thanks for sending this in Kerwin and good luck with the project!

“Kerwin Lumpkins wrote:
Hello. A new kickstarter tech project for DIY folk that would like to add electronics and motor control to a project easily and be able to control it from their smart phone or tablet. 

I found that I was re-inventing the same thing every time I wanted to add a motor to something to make it move or add lights or whatever.  Finally, I made a permanent circuit board design, wrote the code and then put it in a durable case, and then I wrote a smart phone app to control it remotely. It is Arduino compatible, hence the name, Ard-Vark”