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April 11, 2012

The Ard-Vark – Simple iPhone iPad interfacing to Arduino

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Check out this new project called The Ard-Vark. If you know someone who is interested in getting into microcontrollers but programming is a bit daunting this system might be just the thing for them.

Thanks for sending this in Kerwin and good luck with the project!

“Kerwin Lumpkins wrote:
Hello. A new kickstarter tech project for DIY folk that would like to add electronics and motor control to a project easily and be able to control it from their smart phone or tablet. 

I found that I was re-inventing the same thing every time I wanted to add a motor to something to make it move or add lights or whatever.  Finally, I made a permanent circuit board design, wrote the code and then put it in a durable case, and then I wrote a smart phone app to control it remotely. It is Arduino compatible, hence the name, Ard-Vark”






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One Response to “The Ard-Vark – Simple iPhone iPad interfacing to Arduino”

  1. Kerwin Lumpkins Says:

    I have seen several questions asking about “under the hood” technical details, so I added a page to the Active Innovations web site at


    This shows a block diagram, photos of the prototype board, etc. So clearly, this is for the “Advanced Users” noted in the video. Note that photos are of the prototype board, not of the final version. The whole point of putting this on kickstarter was to see how much interest there was in producing the Ard-Vark in quantities to get the price down. So a final version of the board will take all the hodge podge pieces shown on the proto and condense it down to a single board for lower cost.

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