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April 11, 2012

DIY Turntable Photography Project

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A picture is a great way to show off a product, you can even take some pictures of the back and sides so the potential purchaser can see the product from other angles. How can you improve on this? Why not take pictures all around the item and play it like a 360 video. That is exactly what our friend Muris did. Check out his DIY Turntable Photography Project where he made a rotary turntable where you place an item, a camera is setup so that it can be remote triggered and some custom computer software controls the action. It is based on this system, you can see a typical example of the results he will get here.

If someone is interested in the project and would like to lend a hand translating the program into English I am sure Muris would appreciate the help!

“After entering the number of required photos (usually 30-40 is enough for a smooth animation), the application will calculate how many steps it needs to make and the process can start. As the camera is making pictures, they automatically appear at the bottom of the application (the white space) and after the process completes, a single click will copy all photos from that session to a custom directory. This allows a certain amount of automation especially when you need to photograph many products in series.”