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April 7, 2012

Temperature and Humidity Meter using an Arduino and Sensirion SHT11 Sensor

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This Temperature and Humidity Sensor Project was built by Dave from Plastibots. The project was made to determine if Dave and his wife needed a new humidifier. Instead of going to Home Depot and purchasing a humidity meter he did what any resourceful geek would do, he built his own meter. This meter is probably more accurate than most store bought devices also thanks to the  Sensirion SHT11 sensor that is used. The small Arduino is used to read the data from the sensor and display the results on a tiny screen. You can make your own by using the code that is also available here.

“The key to the accurate humidity / temp readings is the Sensirion SHT11 sensor.  It’s tiny – really tiny.   There are 4 connections: 3.3V- 5V, GND, Data, CLK.  In order to protect the sensor, it has been mounted to the side of the unit inside a clear plastic housing.  The housing has a hole in the side to allow air to flow freely, but limits the any water that might find its way in there”