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April 5, 2012

DIY Photographic Solar Filter – With this you can take pictures of the sun

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Taking pictures of the sun can be hard since it is so bright. This video shows how the reflective material that CDs are made from can work as an effective solar filter.

“A CD is a fairly simple piece of plastic, about four one-hundredths (4/100) of an inch (1.2 mm) thick. Most of a CD consists of an injection-molded piece of clear polycarbonate plastic. During manufacturing, this plastic is impressed with microscopic bumps arranged as a single, continuous, extremely long spiral track of data. Once the clear piece of polycarbonate is formed, a thin, reflective aluminum layer is sputtered onto the disc, covering the bumps. Then a thin acrylic layer is sprayed over the aluminum to protect it.”


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One Response to “DIY Photographic Solar Filter – With this you can take pictures of the sun”

  1. Ritchie Says:

    DO NOT USE THIS ON ANYTHING YOU CARE ABOUT. Eyes, cameras or anything else.
    Solar filters are very narrowband (0.2-0.6nm) and reject over 99.9% of visible light this as seen in the video reject far less. You can buy solar film for less than < £/$10 and you can put this on some glass or stretch it and be COMPLETELY safe.

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