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March 31, 2012

DIY Record Player

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You can spend thousands on high end record players, they look very exotic when compared to the typical plain box type record player. Nandor Szabo from Hungary created this Record Player by starting with a Dual 701 as the guts of the unit. The new housing was built using hand power tools and some creativity. I particularly like the use of ends of the mousse containers as the dramatic feet of the player.

“The support feet I used are meant to be hidden inside an enclosure and therefore did not come with a decorative cover to hide the hardware. To make the turntable presentable for Hi-Fi use it was necessary to hide the suspension mounting hardware. You can surely purchase a fancy cover to hide the hardware and dress up the turntable. I went the DIY route and made my own cover for the mounting hardware. To make the aluminum covers I used empty containers of mousse (hair styling product) which I cut to size.”