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March 25, 2012

Spooky Animatronic Hand Carved Wooden Head Desk Lamp

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Check out this Spooky Animatronic Hand Carved Wooden Head that rosemarybeetle made. I am not sure I could have this  on my side table because I would always be staring at the spooky face. The face carving is very well done, it looks like it should be a museum piece!

“I did not work up detailed design drawings, having decided to let the final look of the head develop as it was carved. For this, I wanted to “sketch” the shape quickly in 3D. For this I used polystyrene which is easy to carve with knives, rasps scalpels or craft knives. 

To control the left/right movement, two flat connectors were attached to the eyeball control rods in a parallelogram frame. These had pivoted joints using small self-tapping screws that could move freely in the rod holes, and anchored into the flat joining rails.”




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5 Responses to “Spooky Animatronic Hand Carved Wooden Head Desk Lamp”

  1. Keltoi Says:

    Wow… nicely done! add some face-tracking and automatic intensity control – for a “piercing stare” effect – and the already considerable creep-factor would be an order of magnitude higher!

  2. Machfudz Says:


  3. Fred Says:

    That’s really cool. But i don´t recomend sleeping with that turned On. Short circuit danger 🙂

  4. Tom Anderson Says:

    On a related topic, there’s currently a Kickstarter project on an animatronic head. I contributed at the $50 level, which gets me the motors and head assembly, but I need to supply my own Arduino. Check it out:


  5. Meiko Says:

    It’s Putin!

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