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March 4, 2012

Hair Band with LEDs and an Arduino

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Becky Stern from Make magazine shows us how to make a cool hair band with LED lights. If you want to get this hair band for yourself then you can make one by watching this amazing video and follow the steps!

“Build a pulse-sensing headband that flashes a heart-shaped LED display to the beating of your heart! Uses a scratchbuilt perfboard Arduino build from Mintduino parts, the Open Heart LED display, Yury and Joel’s pulse sensor, and a rechargeable lithium battery and power board. The circuit is built into a brocade headband with elastic at the back”.



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4 Responses to “Hair Band with LEDs and an Arduino”

  1. marxwell Says:

    Cool. But it seems a bit clunky. With how easy it is to get smds these days this seems like it could be intergrated into the headband a little more discreetly, and still give the same presentation.

  2. G Says:

    c’mon i think without arduino i’d be easier and cheaper!
    smd’s are a must, cuz it really looks clunky.

    knowledge about electronics like a 6 year old, but uploading this crap at youtube is ridiculous!

    but the craft of the hair band is not that bad!

  3. Becky Stern Says:

    Thanks for posting! I’d love to see someone make an SMD version based on my instructions. Marxwell and G, please show me what you make so that I might call it “clunky.” =]

  4. George Johnson Says:

    Yeah, you could use SMD LED’s, and that conductive thread, or even WWWire to connect the LED’s.
    But it’s kinda like an old “mood ring”, your sweetheart walks by and your heart goes flutter flutter…. Or maybe not!! Uh oh!

    Interesting concept though, I like it.

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