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February 21, 2012

DIY Vacuum Motion Sensor Mouse Trap

at 12:38 pm. Filed under Insane Equipment


Larry sent in his DIY Vacuum Motion Sensor Mouse Trap creation.

“I built a mouse trap using an infrared motion sensor wall switch, an extension cord, a paper towel tube and a mini shop-vac. peanut butter is the bait. The mouse goes in the tube. The sensor senses it and turns on the shop-vac for 3 seconds. And voom, the mouse is inside the shop-vac. The sensor turns off the shop-vac. And it’s ready to catch the next mouse. No re-setting. No mess. No kidding.”


POV Hard Drive Clock with Etched Copper Numbers

at 11:07 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Electronic Hacks, Insane Equipment



This POV Hard Drive Clock with Etched Copper Numbers is a work of art. The custom board on the back keeps track of time, spins the motor and uses LEDs to light the correct number when it is in the proper location. The numbers have been etched out of a copper PCB to keep with the DIY theme!

Thanks for the tip Bruce.

“The MCU is an Atmega328 set up with Arduino bootloader. The code is all Arduino stuff. The Arduino drives the LEDs through a ULN2803 transistor array, since these LEDs are powered in groups of 3 and draw something like 30mA each, which would be too much to drive directly from the Arduino digital output pins.”


February 19, 2012

Solution to get rid of annoying Solder Fumes

at 1:56 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


Solder Fumes are often annoying. I found this really good solution to get rid of the irritating solder fumes which always tend to rise up into my nose. If you can relate to this, you can also go through this easy solution by Jean-Claude Wippler from Jeelabs. He has described a simple procedure which does not need any high tech equipment for implementation.

 “A small 12V brushless PC fan, which happens to still start up and rotate reliably at 3.6V, as provided by three Eneloop AA batteries. Stuck to a battery pack (with on/off switch) using hot glue, which also doubles as weighted base for it all. The fan is slanted slightly downwards, to better cover the area on the table”.


February 18, 2012

3D Printers to print Cubic Objects

at 6:13 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Electronic Hacks



Cubify has launched a really cool 3D objects printer that can print objects. Those of you who are interested in decorating their houses, this is a must have gadget that you should get to enhance your creativity skills. Just check out these  objects printed by The Cube. If you want to cubify your home refer to the description and go through its specifications.

“The Cube™ – the first 3D Printer designed for your home!

From the living room to the kitchen, the Cube’s portable, plug and play design enables everybody in the family to express their creativity like never before.

With ten different material colors to choose from enjoy the freedom to print in your true colors or to mix it up.

Cube™ 3D Printer is ready-to-print your ideas, provide a new dimension to your imagination and help you share your creations with others in the Cubify™ community.

Get a Cube™ and join the Cubify™ community and collaborate in 3D!

• Prints Objects up to 5.5 X 5.5 X 5.5 in. (140 x 140 x 140 mm)
• EZ Load Print Cartridge
• Durable, ABS Plastic in 10 Colors
• 50 Free 3D Print Files
• USB & Wi-Fi Connectivity”



February 16, 2012

Creative Engineering machine using LEGO

at 10:34 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Crazy Hacks, Electronic Hacks


Interested in Industrial stuff? Just check out this captivating LEGO Machine! I am sure most of you would be familiar with what LEGO is. I never expected that someone could come up with this innovative idea of making an industrial machine with LEGO blocks. Look what Oscar Gonzalez says about this cool machine.

“Thanks to @ astromaf I find this absolutely amazing video of a machine or rather a set of LEGO submáquinas made ​​perfectly simulate a complex industrial system of transportation, sorting and replenishment using small colored balls. It is so impressive that every minute that passes is more impressive than the last. By analyzing in detail the video, we see all kinds of classification systems such as color, quantity divisions, charging systems and supply and transport to a different place to bring back to the starting point where it becomes to start the whole process. Unfortunately I have no idea who has done such a machine or how many thousands of hours invested in it, but it certainly is amazing”.



February 15, 2012

View Mobile Phone messages using an LED Matrix

at 10:24 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


I had never imagined that a SMS can be viewed in such a cool way as shown in this video. This is being done by interfacing the phone to the display using an Arduino. The idea was an adaptation from a girl wanting to create a funky looking costume with a scrolling LED display of live texts sent from people at the party. So if you want to create something new out of this idea then you can see how it’s done here.

“This sms-to-LED tutorial shows how to automate the manual button input on this $13 scrolling LED belt buckle with an arduino, and then how to pass SMS messages through it. A USB Host shield connects an android phone that passes SMS messages on”.


Discovery Channel Top Engineer

at 8:06 pm. Filed under What Were They Thinking


Discovery Channel is probably my favorite TV channel, they have an abundance of shows that intrigue curious minds. It looks like there will be another great show to add to their line up. Top Engineer sounds like it will be a must see when it’s release. The  good news is that they are casting for it right now and Lisa from Pilgrim Studios though there would probably be some good candidates in our audience. If you would like to be on the show go here to read more details about it.

You can see the PDF Flyer for the casting here

“The Discovery Channel is looking for America’s most creative and daring techies, machinists, inventors and engineers to design, build, and BLAST their way to a Grand Prize on their new competition TV show TOP ENGINEER.

A handful of lucky men and women will be chosen to take on exciting challenges from various engineering fields at the state-of-the-art WET design facilities (www.wetdesign.com) in California.

No, you don’t need to have an engineering degree to compete on this show, but you MUST be able to design, build, test and integrate an idea into a final product that WORKS. These will be fast-paced, hands-on, VISCERAL challenges! If your experience is strictly behind the keyboard, then this show is NOT for you.

We are looking for visual effects experts, accomplished home shop machinists, contractors and engineers with backgrounds in electrical, civil, structural or mechanical engineering.

If you have an outgoing personality and are ready to get your hands dirty for the chance to win a GRAND PRIZE and the title of TOP ENGINEER, then we want to hear from you.”


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