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February 29, 2012

A Virtual Weather Station for Minecraft Game

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If you know Minecraft you will get a kick out of this Virtual Weather Station for Minecraft Game. This is actually a weather station named “Minestation” which gets the weather data for Minecraft game using a shield to connect to an Arduino which is connected to a PC via USB while you are playing the game. The video is a must watch to review the details of this amazing weather station. 

Translated page.

“ As the project progressed Minestation decided that would be a shield for Arduino. In this way, based on a widely used platform among us like to tinker with electronics. Thanks to Arduino code we communicate with the “watcher” that analyzes the conditions and real-time data from the game and every 100 milliseconds, we updated data on the screen. After the first tests with prototypes fruitful shield that worked without problems it was decided to make a small run of boards manufactured in series”.