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February 14, 2012

PIC16F886 based Camera Sound Trigger

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Check out this PIC16F886 based Camera Sound Trigger that Viktor just made. The knobs are used to navigate through the systems options and set the settings you need to capture your perfect action shot. All you need to do after it is built is find a light bulb to smash or a bullet to shoot through an apple.

Thanks for sending this in Viktor.

“The hardware is made up of two distinct parts: analog input circuit and digital processing. The sound signals are picked up by a small microphone recycled from an old tape recorder I got rid of recently. After a lot of research on the internet and some trial and error I settled with the LM386 as the input amplifier. I used the typical application circuit for maximum (200) gain from the datasheet to make sure it has enough sensitivity to pick up the smallest noise if needed.”



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