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February 12, 2012

DIY Solid State Tesla Coil Build

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Thanks to Michael Chen for sending in his DIY Tesla Coil Build. His DIY Tesla Coil Instructable takes you through all of the steps he took to build it. He is still working out some bugs in his electronics since he is able to fry some components if he isn’t careful but it does seem to work great when it is working. Only take on a Tesla Coil project is you know how to safely work with high voltage since it can seriously hurt you if you are not careful.

You can also vote for this project on Instructables if you think it is good enough to be a winner, see the vote button on the top right of the page.

“A Solid State Tesla coil is made by four main parts: the primary coil, the secondary coil, the topload, and the control circuitry.

The Secondary : The secondary is the long, orange cylinder. It is actually a white PVC pipe covered by a lot of enameled wire. One side is connected to ground, high voltage comes through the other side.

The Primary : The primary is powered by the control circuitry and it generates the magnetic field that the secondary uses to create the high voltage. It is the few turns of thick wire at the base of the secondary coil.

The Topload : The topload is the metallic object at the top of the secondary coil.  It provides a capacitance to the Tesla coil.

The Control Circuitry : The circuits that make the tesla coil work at the correct frequency and duty cycle; based on Steve Ward’s design. “



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8 Responses to “DIY Solid State Tesla Coil Build”

  1. Thomas W. Says:

    “… it can seriously hurt you …”
    I thought you were going to end up dead if you got to close to this thing?
    But indeed fascinating.
    Check out this guy, Dr. Megavolt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyko81WAvvQ

  2. Michael Chen Says:

    @thomas w.
    Actually, the lightning coming from the secondary is safe to touch at this power levels. The electricity in the primary, nevertheless, can kill. Thus, I still don’t recommend touching it, since if a primary insulation failure occurs, …

  3. Chris Rouse Says:

    Dr. MegaVolt is, nothing compared to Arc Attack, have a look at this video:

  4. Thomas W. Says:

    @Michael: Sound incredible, did you try touching it? I would imagine it would tickle a bit 😉

    @Chris: Whoa… the fluorescent tube in the back is affected too. BUT: Two words – Unlimited POWAH! 😀 http://youtu.be/NUrNu8lItu0

  5. Chris Rouse Says:

    @Thomas: Iv Seen that video a few times, but never noticed the fluorescent tubes. Thank you, i will keep an eye out for similar things when i watch others.

  6. February 25, 2012 – Links | MarcJStuff Says:

    […] DIY Solid State Tesla Coil Build […]

  7. Long Says:


    How do you ground the secondary coil?

  8. Omnicron Says:

    I must say i am impressed Doe you have any hints tips and or schematics to build an audio modulated Tesla coil ?
    We want to us it in the carnaval tour tobecome the closing attraction. Hence the build always fails.
    and we ae frieing the secondary coil. resulting in a lot of sparking that blows off the controllers

    Main problem is the power. How do we get the music safe and separated into the circuit, and keeping the Semiconductors at one piece ?

    Thanks for the effort to be taken.

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