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February 10, 2012

250 kV Home Made High Voltage DC Power Supply

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If you have a project that needs a bit more than 3.3, 5 or 12 volts have a look at this Home Made 250 kV High Voltage DC Power Supply! Of course this isn’t your typical supply for the Arduino project sitting on the corner of your bench. ūüôā One thing to note is that this supply can pack a deadly punch so be very careful if you intend to do some tinkering on your own.

“The Cockroft-Walton multiplier uses a cascaded series of diodes and capacitors to generate a high voltage¬†DC potential from an¬†AC input through a¬†circuit topology that¬†uses diodes to charge capacitors in parallel and discharge them in series.¬† The output polarity of the Cockroft-Walton multiplier depends on the way in which its diodes are oriented, so the output polarity¬†(referenced to ground)¬†of a high-voltage DC power supply is usually set during the design.”