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February 3, 2012

Simple Cell Jammer

at 4:47 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Checkout this cell Jammer or we can say Dirty transmitter. A Dirty transmitter transmits junk within the cellular phone bands. This model is good enough to knock out pesky cell phones for about 10 to 15 feet, just perfect for a quite cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop.

Via : EEweb

“The 555 timer [8 pin] IC simply makes a noise. It’s coupled via C4 [electrolytic] to modulate the MRF transistor oscillator. With C1 set at roughly 1/3rd, you will be close to 900 MHz. By sweeping the C1 trimmer capacitor, you can swing the output frequency from 800 MHz to 2 GHz with the transistor and values shown.”



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18 Responses to “Simple Cell Jammer”

  1. Says:

    Mind, using this would be illegal in a lot of places.

    Also you still have a santa hat on your banner.

  2. Robotics_Job_Search Says:

    Not cool!

    People can be waiting for a very important phone call (Doctors catching a bite to eat before the hospital calls them in to surgery…) You could really mess up some peoples lives selfishly using this device.

  3. Mike Says:

    Be very careful where this is used, here in Canada using or even building to experiment jamming devices is a criminal offence with severe penalties.

    Refer to sections 4 and 9 from the Radiocommunication Act.

  4. die to cellulars Says:

    It’s not legal here, but people with cellulars talking everywhere disturbing other ppl, in public transport, coffe shops, or other areas.. when they have reserved areas for that.. should be illegal too. So, welcome!!

  5. Mike Says:

    Very cool!

    Any surgeon who is in an emergency situation shouldn’t be so stupid as to be away from the hospital too far for too long.

  6. Farle Says:

    I disagree with the idea of constantly jamming cellphones because you’re /unhappy/ that some idiot is yelling at his phone and thereby potentially endanger others.

    ….but I can’t really disagree with it if its used to kick him off his call. But only in short pulses.

  7. Jehu Says:

    I could see this being used to jam channels used by other carriers to influence one telcos network. Knock out a few bands and keep one open that you own and you can demonstrate how much better your network is than your competitors.

  8. questioner Says:

    Is it illegal to own a jammer or is just the actual act of jamming illegal?
    And there is a huge difference here…eg. It’s illegal to shoot people with a gun but owning a gun is not illegal

  9. Fuming Solder Says:

    10 to 15 feet is actually only just barely practical – you’d have to pick a table right next to the person yelling at his/her phone. Also, if you don’t manage to kill the call completely, you’re probably only going to make matters worse – he/she’s going to scream even louder – natural human response to a bad quality connection. I also think that using the jammer for such simple purpose as to get a quiet minute at a coffee shop is not justified and can backfire in many different ways…

  10. Charles Atlas Sheppard Says:

    Don’t you see these things in serial killer movies? Or used by bad guys for whatever evil purposes they have in mind?

  11. JourneymanWizard Says:

    Some notes:
    – it is illegal to use or sell these in the US. There are some allowances for their creation and testing (see Lady Ada’s Wave Bubble for an example of one built for a thesis project: http://www.ladyada.net/make/wavebubble/)
    – directionality of the antenna could extend range (conversely, omnidirectionality decreases range) while targeting specific offenders
    – Since this is a jammer, running this for a short time (e.g. 30 seconds) will cause the call to drop; no need to jam unoffending people. Social conditioning will take care of the rest: if annoying person drops or keeps dropping calls, they will leave the area in search of good signal.
    – Ideally this is used in response to a single person polluting the public space. To simply turn this on and leave it on is as much a violation of everyone’s public space as if you were loudly talking on your phone
    – While illegal, it is doubtful that you will be detected. If you are, though, (or detained because you are pointing strange devices at people and the device investigated), the fines are quite large.
    – Finally, social hacks are often still most effective in social situations. Simply asking the annoying person first to take their conversation elsewhere is often as effective or moreso than operating an illegal homebrew device.

  12. On the Bus Says:

    I can think of one circumstance where this would be a kindness – on public transit. Just the thing to squelch the angry loud woman three rows back who is MF’ing her boyfriend up one side and down the other, with no concern for the 20 people within the kill radius who are just trying to endure the ride home.

  13. February 6, 2012 – Links | MarcJStuff Says:

    […] Simple Cell Jammer […]

  14. Not Needed Says:

    I have my own cell phone jammer. I go sit down at the table where the caller is talking and act like I’m really trying to listen in. When they make a ugly face and say “do you mind giving me some privacy”. I simply reply “yes I do, becuase you are in PUB-LicK. (public)

  15. realproduman Says:

    The process does not work 🙁

  16. Jenson Says:

    Now days jammer is a very important ware exam is conducting or confidential meeting /briefing/meditation prayer hall etc …/
    But unfortunately this circuit using 555 will not work. and i have 4 band jammer kit for DIY purpose, which is very excellent working range 3 Watts of each band . for more details mail jeniconix@yahoo.in

  17. Daryl Says:

    Hi Guys
    I’m looking at a jammer to distribute on a large scale and it appears that you might be able to help me
    in more than one way,well what I’m looking for is a jammer for 3-4-5g networks only but will allow an emergency call on an excluded frequency I channel to be made should it be necessary, it must be compact no external aerial just a box the size of approximately a match box that can be hard wired to a 12 volt system and only effect approximately 1.5 mts only, it doesn’t have to look pretty but must have some way to fasten it to metal, it must withstand extreme heat and cold and of coarse the right price.

    If successful a large no would be purchased with an on going clientele to which I believe would and could be distributed world wide, anyway if you can come up with anything or perhaps know of some one that could full fill all the above I would appreciate a lead.

    Thank You

    Daryl Chubb

  18. Ty Tower Says:

    Bump up the power capacity of Q1 and you could extend the range tenfold

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