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February 1, 2012

LCD Monitor Repair – Defective Capacitor

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You have probably heard about the capacitor problems that have plagued the motherboard and computer power supply manufactures. Well other mass produced electronics are not immune to this issue. Viktor was given an LCD monitor once it was determined to be non-reparable by a local repair shop. These days local electronic repair shops are basically board swappers, their flowchart will point to a defective board in the system and if it is worth replacing it that is the fix. Only problem is that the board for a piece of electronics that is 2 or 3 years old will probably be more expensive that a modern and probably better new replacement. Not to mention that the repair shop will probably want a hundred bucks for bolting in the new board.

After a visual inspection of the circuit board inside the monitor it was quite obvious that one of the capacitors was defective, you can see it in the picture (the one with the bulge). After replacing this capacitor the monitor magically came back to life. I wonder if the repair shop employees knew to look for this, even if they sis do they have a soldering iron on hand would be the next question…