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January 30, 2012

The Spy Video Trakr hacked to shoot Missiles

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Wow, don’t fool around with this Spy Video Trakr hacked to shoot Missiles if you want to keep your eyes! Driving around a Spy Video Trakr is fun but shooting things with it looks to notch up the fun a few levels. Click hre

“This hack is not too expensive (the most costly part is buying the actual turret) or overly complex, but does require a degree of soldering ability. Circut construction for this hack requires soldering several components and wires. If you are not comfortable with soldering, you may want to get some practice first, or have someone help you who can solder well.

I used a Radio Shack #276-150 perfboard for circuit construction. I could have made the layout much more compact than I did, but it would have made the soldering even more difficult for others who might try to build this. The Radio Shack board already has lands and traces etched on it (indicated by the white silk-screening in the photo), making layout and assembly somewhat easier.”



Untitled from SCUBA Steve on Vimeo.