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January 28, 2012

Clever Clapper uses Claps and Laser Beams to control the Lights

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Who says The Clapper is old technology? Pete Mills blows off the dust from the vintage tech and breaths new life into the idea. The new Clever Clapper uses Claps and Laser Beams to control the Lights!

 “In my version of the clapper if you clap twice within one second, the circuit toggles the lamp output.  On becomes off and vice versa. If you clap three times within one second, the lamps begin dimming up and down via PWM until a fourth clap is detected or a one minute timeout occurs, whichever comes first.  The brightness value is then stored and restored for subsequent toggling of the lights on/off with the two clap event.  I also added a relay output to turn on and off the moon lamp.  To trigger this relay, you shine a laser beam at the circuit to toggle it.  Laser beams begets moon beams. “



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