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January 26, 2012

PIC Microntroller based Dual Thermometer using two DS1820 1-Wire Sensors

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Viktor has built a great looking project which is a PIC Microntroller based Dual Thermometer using two DS1820 1-Wire Sensors. This allows Viktor to monitor the exact temperature in his fridge and freezer at the same time. Since the sensors are 1-wire this means that they are really easy to wire to the board.

“The temperature sensing part I used for this project is a high-precision 1-Wire digital thermometer chip from Dallas Semiconductors. There are a number of similar ones available; I used the DS1820 because I have a few of them left over from previous projects. This one uses the 1-Wire protocol to communicate with the PIC, doesn’t need any external components and it’s easy to be placed inside a fridge.”



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