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January 25, 2012

How to Fix a Worn out Video Game Controller

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Viktor sent in a great tutorial on How to Fix a Worn out Video Game Controller. Most remote controls use rubber membranes that have conductive end that press against the circuit board when pushed. The circuit board has some gold fingers that get shorted out to register the button press. Viktor uses some metal foil on the rubber membrane to bring the controller back to life. This trick should work fine for devices like your XBOX, Playstation, Wii and  TV remotes.



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6 Responses to “How to Fix a Worn out Video Game Controller”

  1. Levi Says:

    I’d like to know how to “tighten” the joysticks when they seem to have a little play to them instead of going out and buying a new N64 controller or similar when they wear out.

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    I am not sure if there is a way to tighten them since I haven’t taken those apart. It might be the case that the plastic just gets worn and loose.

  3. Akos Says:

    You see the red buttons? Those were so much worn out from our nails back in 1986, that we had to change the whole button with some rubber while also giving the foil treatment to the bottom of it…
    Those good old days!!! Mid teenage years… Oh, my god, 25 years passed already…

  4. Fuming Solder Says:

    The very same cleaning principals also apply to much less exciting devices, such as phones. I have done a lot of those rubber keypads back in the day working for a company that installed refurbished PBXes. I especially hated phones that came from businesses where they allowed smoking in the office. Back then it was every other office… What a mess that was!

  5. Fix a Worn Out Game Controller with Aluminum Foil | CisforComputers Says:

    […] Fixing a Worn Out Remote Control [via Hacked Gadgets] […]

  6. Paul Says:

    It is a lot easier to just clean the pads with a pencil eraser. You may need to clean the eraser on a piece of paper if your contacts are really dirty. Use it on the circuit board contacts as well. I have been doing this on remotes for years. If you are doing a remote, you can test your work by viewing the remote through a camera(you will be able to see the IR) before putting it back together.

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