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January 24, 2012

Mobile Camera Lens Cap Hack using a Magnet and a Coin

at 4:15 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks


Here is a cheap and easy Mobile Camera Lens Cap Hack using a Magnet and a Coin that you can make for a few dollars and put together in under a minute.

Thanks for sending it in Daniel.



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8 Responses to “Mobile Camera Lens Cap Hack using a Magnet and a Coin”

  1. jt Says:

    Finally, something to use all those Canadian coins I have lying around.

  2. VintagePC (from Canada) Says:

    Finally, something to use all those American coins I have lying around… 😀

  3. Pouncer Says:

    Bummer for you VintagePC, US coins aren’t magnetic.

  4. VintagePC Says:

    That’s unfortunate… also means you can’t easily fish your coins out from behind the sofa without moving it then, hehe.

  5. gelo Says:

    “that you can make for a few dollars” – more just a few cents from the looks of things…

  6. CodyG Says:

    As a bonus, this lens cover promotes the great Canadian icon the “Bluenose” built in Nova Scotia (or Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, II if you show the face of the coin rather than the obverse).

    A circa 1960s replica, originally built to promote a beer but now used for tourism promotion, is currently being re-built and can be followed online at: http://www.novascotiawebcams.com/south-shore/bluenose-ii.html

  7. Alan Parekh Says:


    Your comment brings back memories of my childhood. Makes me want to take a trip to see it being built!

    I remember seeing the Bluenose Canadian Heritage placement along side TV commercials when I was a kid. Thanks to Youtube I was able to find the actual video.

  8. reason Says:

    Soon to appear on world’s smartest inventions.

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