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January 22, 2012

Capacitive Touch Sensor control Footwell and Glove Box LED Lightning

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If you are looking to pimp your ride you might want to consider adding a Capacitive Touch Sensor controlled Footwell and Glove Box LED Lightning.  The code for the ATTiny85 is available so you can have a head start instead of having to figure out everything from the ground up. I think some of the major car manufactures should wake up and move away from the old click switches to something like this which offers enhanced flexibility.

 “The switching unit has 2 sets of pin pairs and 1 switch.  The switch is used to control the rear passenger LED and is discussed here.   Each set of pins are capacitive-sensing touch sensors.  Touch them once and the LEDs ramp up (on), touch them again to power them off.  The top pair control the foot well LEDs, the bottom controls the glove box LED.”




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2 Responses to “Capacitive Touch Sensor control Footwell and Glove Box LED Lightning”

  1. Per Jensen Says:

    Where’s the capacitive sensing ? As far as I can tell, it measures the electrical contact between pairs of terminals – that is, it won’t work if you are wearing gloves. You need electrical connection with the skin of your fingertip to make it work. That isn’t capacitive touch by far…

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Per,

    On second look you might be right, I will wait till Dave lets us know though.

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