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January 21, 2012

Magnetic Ring uses

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Want to be a bit closer to a super hero? Here are some useful yet interesting tricks to use a magnetic ring for some of your daily routines. Some of these useful tricks are discussed by Mikey Sklar from Holy Scrap who has mastered the use of his. 

 “Magnet rings are useful for more than just detecting the presence and shape of a magnetic field. My four latest tricks are:

1. Pickup and carry USB drives
2. Pickup and carry car keys
3. After soldering thru-hole components the cut legs fly right onto the ring, not making a mess. This one makes me feel like a super hero.
4. Finally, fans are awesome. When I put my hand near a 40W Vornado the magnetic field is intense. I can feel the fan spinning from over 12″ away”.



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5 Responses to “Magnetic Ring uses”

  1. Anons Says:

    Wouldnt the ring cause a flash drive to be wiped?

  2. Pouncer Says:

    A Flash drive doesn’t use magnetism to store data like a regular HDD does. So, no it wouldn’t wipe a flash drive.

  3. mrfixitrick Says:

    Most Canadian coins will also stick to the magnetic ring, making for some fun magic!
    (although not recommended when using a compass while lost in the woods…;)

  4. Grant Says:

    You actually could damage most electronics with a magnet…it just requires an incredibly powerful magnet. Even with regular hard drives, normal magnets won’t do them any harm. You’re just fine using a magnetic screwdriver on them.

    Now, if you find some magical way to pack a magnet as strong as say an MRI machine onto your finger – then you have to worry about your electronics.

  5. Killbox Says:

    even then, its the alternating field of the MRI that does the damage via induction. not a static permanent magnet

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